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For most of us, the kind of legacy we will leave requires a lot of serious contemplation. Do you want to leave all your wealth to your children and grandchildren? What are the positives and negatives to their inheritance? Are they prepared? Should you leave some of your wealth to your church, synagogue, or another non-profit?

Your family could potentially wait months or years wading through probate court before gaining access to their inheritance. Further, if your wealth is poorly structured, they could pay far more taxes than necessary.

Our clients are often most passionate about the legacy they will leave, but is often one subject they know little about. It’s no wonder though, because there are so many options.


Your family could wait months or years before gaining access to their inheritance and pay far more taxes than necessary.


We work with you to make sure you understand all the seemingly small decisions that may have profound impacts. For example, many clients are not clear on the difference between equal vs. equitable distributions. Leaving both of your two children 50% of your assets would be an equal distribution. However, if you wish to provide one child a larger share of your assets – perhaps because they have a disability and will need extra financial support – then your distributions may be equitable.