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It has been a long road, but you can see retirement from where you are standing.

For many of us, this phase of life is a little like being a teenager again. We have a lot of freedom since the kids are grown and out of the house. We can spend our weekends and evenings in ways we choose, and have time to explore new interests. However, unlike those teenage years, we also have more disposable income to spend on the things we enjoy.

Give us a call today, and consider adding these practices to your own life:

Reduce Debt – It’s time to really start paying off as much debt as you can. Ideally, you should enter retirement with a relatively small monthly budget. This means paying off your mortgage, and any other large debts such as credit cards and your kids’ student loans.

Launch Them – In today’s world, many parents are still paying for their adult kids’ expenses. However, you may need to consider bringing that assistance to an end. Some financial challenges in their lives may have positive long-lasting results – teaching them how to live within a budget, planning for the future, etc.

Plan for the Unknown – After you retire there will be unplanned expenses. This may be a car accident, a health issue, or perhaps an opportunity to take a vacation abroad. When you create your post-retirement budget, make sure to plan for unknown expenses.