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Michele M. Gentis

Michele Gentis Radian Partners

Michele M. Gentis

Executive Assistant

Phone: 901-202-3909
Fax: 901-202-3975

Michele Gentis joined our office in 2014. She brings experience in marketing, project management, sales support, and strong process skills gained in several industry sectors. At Radian Partners she is part of the client service team.

Michele has spent her childhood and most of her adult life residing throughout the vast lands of the United States enjoying the experiences and challenges this country can provide. She also lived and worked in Europe, expanding her unique ability to appreciate different social environments. More recently, she has settled down for the past 16 years in our neighborhood.

Along with Michele comes her husband of 34 years - Ian. They have raised three of their own children and have been the unofficial parents of many international students. “We have been a home for many kids at various times and locations which has enlightened our family”. Michele and Ian always have an extra place setting at the table. When not hosting guests she enjoys her two grandchildren, traveling, history and music-the universal language of the world.

Michele Gentis is not registered with FSC Securities Corporation.